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"BubbleMania: Science, Art & Comedy!"

An extremely popular assembly, Casey combines polished entertainment with high quality visual art and practical, age appropriate science. All ages learn how bubbles form, why they're spherical, how to make a cube bubble and the science of bubble bursting - each topic related to the physical laws of the natural world. Older grades learn to appreciate practical applications of diverse bubbles in everyday life (soccer balls to air bags) and are actively involved in fun demonstrations of molecular bonding and surface tension. Over 3000 school assemblies presented since 1990. (See study guide below)

In addition to the science aspects the program is full of the same humor and riveting skills that make Casey's comic show so popular: visual comedy, quick wit, swing music, and amazing soap bubble manipulations - from intricate and detailed Bubble Art (bubble chains, spaceships, fog filled bubbles, crystal balls and square bubbles) to placing a child inside a giant bubble!

"Casey creates a magical world of bubbles and does a fantastic job of explaining the science behind it!" - Ziya Tong, host, "Daily Planet", Discovery Channel

"Your performance was fantastic! You are not only an accomplished performer but, also, without a doubt an equally accomplished educator!" - PTO, Dunstable School, Nashua, NH

"You really make it memorable with a smooth manner, excellent pacing and comedy that was right on target. I appreciate your professional manner and organization. WELL DONE!" - G. Scribner, Children's Librarian, Gunn Memorial Library, Washington, CT

Square Bubbles???

photo by Caryn Davis

A Square Bubble?!?
"BubbleMania has set the Standard!" - PTO, McCarthy E.S., Framingham, MA

"His ability to communicate with all levels was outstanding. Every principal, teacher and parent's dream - to academically justify entertainment at school...Two for the price of one!" - Principal, Crocker School, Fitchburg , MA

"The show drew laughs and applause from children and adults alike, was fast-paced, spontaneous, hilarious and unerringly professional" " - Nancy Thompson, East Haddam News

Bubblemania easily engages both hemispheres of the brain - the creative and the analytical - showing students that beautiful art can be made with the help of science and that scientific discovery is enhanced by imagination.

The ordinary becomes extraordinary through scientific exploration!

Human Molecules!

photo by Karina Brach
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Many images presented are NEVER part of school assemblies (i.e. No Fire Bubbles!) Though nearly all CAN be part of a Science Center/Children's Museum show.

Study Guide

A thorough Study Guide (co-authored by The Smithsonian Institute) is available focusing on the creative possibilities of Bubble-ology in the classroom. Please Download the Study Guide here.

Teacher Bonus

On the day of the show, the performer will supply a "Secret Bubble Formula Page" for the liaison to copy and distribute to the teachers’ office mail boxes. This single page contains:

  • An excellent, easy home-made bubble formula.
  • Bubble science hints and insights for bigger, better bubbling.
  • BubbleMania! website address giving students access to videos, photos, reading/resource lists & science project suggestions. All kid friendly!
  • Additional science information to help reinforce the assembly lessons to facilitate each child’s curiosity about bubble-ology.

Science & Children's Museums Take Note:

For science centers nationwide, Casey can offer two different 30 minute programs with additional bubble-ology facts and demonstrations including flaming bubbles on hand and on tongue(!), helium filled bubbles, fog filled bubbles and bubbles in our everday lives. [This guy’s always thinkin’ - ask him what else is new.] Look here for a list of the many educational institutions that Casey has performed at.

Planning A School Family Night or Fund Raiser?

Ask for Casey's comedy bubble show and watch parents and grandparents become kids with the kids. Consider science programs during the school day followed up with an evening of amazing skills and mega laughs for the entire family. (Discounted fees always apply to multiple programs.)

"Just wanted to say thanks again for your GREAT science show at The Children's Museum over the weekend. There was lots of enthused feedback from the visitors, and attendance was DOUBLE our average. I'll certainly be in touch again". - Jonah Cohen, Public Programs Manager, TCM, West Hartford, CT

"Thank you so much for not only coming out to perform at The Hall again, but for being so great to work with! You do such a wonderful job and we are always thrilled to have you!" -Madelaine Hartman, New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY (4th year)

"We at the Smithsonian Institute have high standards for our programs.  [Your's] was a perfect blend of accessible science and downright fun!  There is nothing as fascinating as the magic of bubbles...  and there is no one that I've seen who explores them in such a crowd pleasing way!" - Roberta Gasbarre, Director - Discovery Theater, The Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C. [Full letter]

"We had a tremendous turn out and a great time as well. The show aligned perfectly with our mission to delight, educate, and inspire through science and technology. The auditorium rang with delighted laughter, and the adults as well as children were riveted." - Susan Zimecki, Dir Marketing and Community Affairs, Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh, PA

"Thank you for your wonderful comic bubble-ology performances during our 13th Annual Bubble Festival. With your help we attracted 26,201 participants to the science center over five days! See you next year!" - Special Events Mgr, Pacific Science Ctr, Seattle, WA


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