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"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful performance. And for doing a one-on-one demo post-show with our student, Adam who is visually impaired. That is above and beyond and displays the level of showmanship and humanity you possess. We can't wait to see you again." - Nina Daley-School 22 PTA, Yonkers, NY

"On behalf of the children and staff, I would like to express our thanks for the amazing program that left the students excited and more knowledgable about bubble art and the science behind it all. They were mesmerized by these spherical liquids and will be inspired by your talents for years to come!" - Shawsheen School, Wilmington, MA April 2010

"Mr. Carle is a dynamic performer who instantly engages all students. His artistic approach to integrating science into his program enables children to have fun while learning" - Barnard ES, New Rochelle, NY

"I am writing to thank you for the spectacular show. It was amazing to see how you worked science into a hilarious and amazing program. We also received great feedback from the staff, who found it entertaining and educational, a perfect school assembly. We were going for the biggest bang we could get. And did we ever get it! - Kent Center School, Kent, CT

"I have been evaluating school assemblies for 25 years. I found Casey Carle’s BubbleMania! to be educationally engaging from beginning to end! We expect to make his visit a yearly tradition." - Asst. Principal, Margetts ES, Monsey, NY

"My GOODNESS how you can engage the kids! You were zany and wacky and hit their goofiness-bone big time! Kids were wiping their eyes from laughing so hard. Synchronicity at work!!" - D. Peiz, Audience member, East Haddam, CT

"We at the Smithsonian Institute have high standards for our programs. [Your's] was a perfect blend of accessible science and downright fun! There is nothing as fascinating as the magic of bubbles... and there is no one that I've seen who explores them in such a crowd pleasing way!" - Roberta Gasbarre, Director - Discovery Theater, The Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.
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"Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! Funny, Educational, Entertaining and Practical." - George Washington ES, Mohegan Lake, NY

"Educational entertainment at its best" - Southbridge, MA Elem Schools

"You literally captivated our children with your wonderful humor and exquisite creations...[We] were very pleased with the age appropriate science instructions... you brought us an excellent learning experience and a great deal of joy." - Principal, Hunter School, Flemington, NJ

"Your performance was fantastic...both educational and highly entertaining. A Top Notch show from beginning to end. Thanks for bringing your specialty to us." - Cultural Arts Coordinator, Frisbie E.S., Wolcott, CT

"What impressed me most was your constant reference to the science process skills that we want our students to use: observation, prediction, communication, experimentation, and research" - Interdisciplinary Curriculum Specialist, Nashua NH

"Your performance was fantastic! You are not only an accomplished performer but, also, without a doubt an equally accomplished educator!" - PTO, Dunstable School, Nashua, NH

"Mr. Carle provides an educationally sound and extremely entertaining program. He reads his audience and draws you into his performance. He has a wonderful sense of how children learn. Bravo!" - Pequanokonck ES, N. Salem, NY

"I would like to offer you a huge thank you for your excellent performance and your enthusiasm for helping kids learn at this unique event... We at CPTV offer you our warmest thanks for participating in the Science Expo, and we hope you share in the excitement of its success!" - Community Development Coordinator, CPTV's Family Science Expo, Hartford, CT

"Artist clearly loves his craft and loves children - He had a good sense of child development and his presentation was very appropriate for his audience - The artist clearly made the connection between the art and science of bubbles, which brought the wonderful display of bubbles to a higher level of thinking/learning." - BOCES Evaluation, West Orchard School, Chappaqua, NY

"Once again, the show was awesome! Your enthusiasm and knowledge about bubbles was very evident! It was a pleasure to watch you teach our students and make them laugh at the same time. You were extremely successful in creating a bridge between art and science." - Academy School- Exploring the Arts, Glastonbury CT

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