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Casey Carle's Virtual Assembly (or Family Night!)
Where Soapy Science Combines Screen-Time with Clean-Time!

We applaud the ingenuity of teachers, educators, librarians, theater producers and child care leaders who continue to devise new ways to inspire young minds in the distance-learning environment!

Here's another option from veteran program presenter Casey Carle to add relevant and engaging material to your curriculum...

Wig heads - Noggin and Noodle - take the part of audience volunteers portraying water molecules during this virtual assembly. (They never forget a line)
Featuring Casey Carle, Professional Comic Bubble-Ologist

Wash your hands to stay healthy! Good idea...but Why and How does that work??

In "Bubble-Ology: The Fun & Healthy Science of Soap!" 30-year veteran educator and world-renowned bubble-ologist Casey Carle shares insights into the entertaining and life-saving(!) properties of soap and water.

The science of how soap removes dirt and germs is the same science that allows for creating beautiful bubble art, jaw-dropping tricks and eye-popping special effects. Including detailed, fog-enhanced bubble sculptures, beautifully captured on Casey's 2-camera studio set-up. Plus some jazz enhanced, pre-recorded routines from Casey's hugely popular "BubbleMania!" science assembly and stage show.

S-T-E-A-M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) LEARNING OBJECTIVES:

  • Home-made Bubble Solutions - Ingredients and Ratios (Math)
  • DYI Foam Making Toy and/or DYI Cluster Bubble Maker (Engineering/Technology)
  • Appreciation Of and Ability to Duplicate 3-D Bubble Sculpture (Art)
  • Soap Film Dynamics on Geometric Frames (Engineering and Math)
  • Secrets to Keep Bubbles from Popping (Physical and Natural Sciences)
  • How Soap Literally Pulls Viruses Down The Drain (Health Sciences)

Plenty of humor helps the lessons stick...while giving kids the power to keep from getting sick!

This virtual-only program is a hybrid of live demonstrations and Q&A combined with pre-recorded routines and short comedy skits featuring two even shorter bubbly hand puppets named Bubba and Larry!

Bubba & Larry, Best Bubble Buddies, offer funny minute-long encounters from their unique, air-headed universe!

Length: 45-50 minutes
Grades: K-5 (educational components catered to specific grades as warranted)

Casey demonstrates how soap molecules work with water molecules to team up on dirt, germs and viruses! (The little blue guy is a Corona Virus)

(Please note: this program is not a direct replication of the live stage show "BubbleMania!" as presented for decades at schools and venues nationwide. "BubbleMania!" - in all its whacky and wonder-filled splendor - will be available again when protocols allow for safe, indoor public gatherings)



  • Customizable to Match the Ages/Abilities of the Group

  • Age-Appropriate Improvisational Comedy

  • Answers to Real-Time Questions

  • Suitable for single grade to district wide engagement


Costs are based on the size of viewership and whether it's live-stream or includes a "rental period".

Heavy discounts for multiple programs over one or more days or when block-booked with other locations.

Discounts also available for smaller groups or after-school programs.

And of course, NO travel or hotel fees tacked on to virtual shows!

To learn more and to schedule a VIRTUAL ASSEMBLY or FAMILY NIGHT please contact Todd Little, Booking Manager, at bubblemaniabooking@gmail.com

Todd will take into consideration any unusual or unique circumstances.

Do environmental conditions play in role in the lifespan of a bubble? You bet!

"A perfect blend of accessible science and downright fun!" - Smithsonian Institute

"The Picasso of bubble-ology, with a whacky sense of humor" - Philadelphia Futures

"A magical world of bubbles and a fantastic job of explaining the science behind it!" - Daily Planet, Discovery Channel

"Every principal, teacher and parent's dream - to academically justify entertainment... two for the price of one!" - Crocker School, Fitchburg, MA


Need to educate and entertain a large group?

Go With... Bubble-Ology: Virtual Assemblies!

Need to inspire and fire young minds in the classroom or home-learning environment?

Try... Virtual & Video Workshops: Soapy Science Meets Amazing Art!

Searching for Live Entertainment During Social Distancing?

Go With... Bubble Bonanza: A Soap Bubble Spectacular!

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