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Science Center & Big Theater Science Shows/ News Interview & Promo

"Playing the room is what I do best. Big room? More dynamic show. A repeat visit? I'll bring routines they didn't see last time! I've got 90+ minutes of proven material to amaze, amuse and inspire."

Casey Carle himself explains his even bigger, even more fantastic Bubble-ology for Science Centers nationwide and those big theaters that bus-in school groups by the hundreds. And there's more beyond what's in this video. Science Centers can choose between two different 30-35 minute shows. Big Theaters can get a solid 60-75 minutes of non-stop edu-tainment.


Need to educate and entertain a large group?

Go With... Virtual Science Program

Need to inspire and fire young minds in the classroom or home-learning environment?

Try... Virtual & Video Workshops: Soapy Science Meets Amazing Art!

Searching for Live Entertainment During Social Distancing?

Go With... Bubble Bonanza: A Soap Bubble Spectacular!

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