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Bubble-ologist draws 'Ooos!' from audience

ANSONIA- It's a rare person who can claim the same career as Casey Carle. Carle is a "bubble-ologist."

Specializing in the "science, art and comedy" of bubbles, [this] ex-circus clown makes his living by making big bubbles, little bubbles, bubbles that "jump" on a trampoline, bubbles that "walk" a tightrope and bubbles shaped like a space ship. [The audience's] reaction as the bubble-ologist did his stuff sounded like exclamations at a fireworks display. Even parents were dazzled by the production.

"Boy, I liked the big bubbles best," gushed 7-year-old Brittany Duncan.....who was inside the adult-sized bubble Carle created with a wand for his finale.

"I liked the one where he made bubble popcorn," added another audience member, Craig Tanner. Carle had made one large bubble and blew dozens of tiny bubbles inside it with a straw.

"It was amazing," added mother Robin Gould, whose daughter, Amber, sat open-mouthed and wide-eyed while Carle created a bubble beard, a bubble cane and a round bubble inside a square bubble.

Carle, who holds a four-year degree in drama, said he began developing the bubble show while working as a clown in the Ringling Brothers Circus. When he left the circus in 1989, he honed the show to a smaller scale and hit the road to perform solo.

Now he does 250 performances a year at libraries, schools, carnivals, science fairs, malls, banquets and theatres.

Most of all, he likes the career because "it is a creation all of my own, and the audience reaction is always positive, lots of belly laughs...so it's fresh for me every time."

Carle lives in East Haddam with his wife, Kandie, an actress who also performs an historic traveling show as the "Victorian Lady."

Comments written by Debbie Carvalko, staff writer, The Connecticut Post, August 14, 1997 [Edited from longer story]

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