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November 2015

Bubbling with excitement about the Samsung NX-1

Giant soapy bubbles in a skateboard park?
When did that become a good idea?

When electronics giant Samsung requests it.... that's when!

And Casey Carle, bubble wrangler, once again answered the corporate call and produced!

Not a small challenge.

The skateboard park, located at Chelsea Pier 62 on Manhattan's west side, hugs the mighty Hudson River. Meaning: nothing to stop the southerly winds from racing full throttle into the skate park, spinning vortexes of warm, sticky air among the launch ramps, banks, and bowls of a pro skate park. (90 degrees and a bright, hot, totally unimpeded sun to boot!)

After consultation with Director of Photography, Mattias Rudh, the scene was set. When Director Martin Aamund (both of NYC's "ShortCut Films") called "Action" all talent and crew eyes were focused on what the bubble artist could pull off.

Under such conditions, only a professional bubble wrangler could prevail and the suits at Samsung got their request for giant, free floating soap bubbles in an unusual environment; an image that could be digitally melded with other fantastically colorful imagery shot that day. All part of creating a commercial to promote their most recent, cutting edge digital camera: The NX1!

Production notes and Release Forms suggest the commercial will be running in multiple countries, but not The U.S.

No matter, as a bubble wrangler, Casey Carle of Connecticut, aims to give the client, director and cinematographer what they asked for. And then some.

Samsung & Skate Boards & Soap Bubbles!

What's next?
Bring it on!

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Photography: Karina Brach Photography & Caryn B. Davis Photography