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July 2015

Bubba and Larry pop up on the Youtube scene with help from veteran comedic bubble masters Casey Carle & Doug Rougeux!


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We're Bubba and Larry!

Effervescent pals in a soapy world.

We were originally created as "Commercial Break Bumpers" for a kids program that didn't get made. Our creator, producer and main Puppet Guy (Casey Carle, Comic Bubble Artist Extraordinaire!) thought we were just too entertaining to wait for some show to snag us up.

So he gave us our own YouTube channel to goof around on.

We've taped many funny, short videos (30-90 secs) that are being edited and posted regularly with plans to create plenty more…. if you want them. So…..if you enjoy our antics, SUBSCRIBE! and tell everyone you know!

Visit our YouTube Channel for more great Bubba and Larry videos!

We have a hoot making these videos.

We've been called: "A Live Action Comic Strip".

Here's a sample:

Now, go check out more of our clips and have a laugh on us. (you're welcome) Now if you'll excuse us, we need to go inflate our heads.

Visit our YouTube Channel for more great Bubba and Larry videos!

Enjoy the videos!

All material copyright 2013, 2014, 2015 by Casey Carle and Soap Film Films

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