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ARTICLE REPRINT January 3, 2008


By Milva DiDomizio - January 3, 2008

In 1987, Casey Carle was a clown with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, working on a bubble act.

"It went over so well," said Carle, "I knew I had something to pursue." In 1989, he went solo, and has been delighting audiences nationwide and abroad with his show ever since. On Saturday morning, he performs for Needham library patrons.

Carle said he considers himself "a comic bubble artist. It's not a clown show." For Carle, working with bubbles always brings an element of surprise. "They undulate, they shake, they change form," he said. "They come together sometimes, they separate sometimes. Sometimes they do things without me."

Bubbles have a universal appeal that makes them ideal for entertainment, according to Carle. He said people are often amazed at the complexity of what is usually considered a simple childhood pleasure.

"There are so many artistic and funny things that can be done with soap bubbles once you understand the science behind them," he said. "People go away having seen them at a level they never thought was possible. There's a lot of jaw dropping going on."

Carle's tricks include making a bubble space ship that spins and flies away. He also makes bubbles look opaque by filling them with fog, and creates bubble sculpture of many sizes and shapes.

"I make really big bubbles," he said, "big enough to put people inside. I wrap long bubbles around me, I put bubbles inside bubbles using only breath control." As far as the downside to his work, Carle doesn't really see one, except for perhaps the aftermath of lots of dripping soap and water (on a floor covering he supplies).

"It's a clean mess," Carle said with a laugh. "It's the messiest, cleanest job on the planet."


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