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These links below will take you OFF my site, but they should open up in a new browser window. But please make sure you bookmark this site so you can find your way back again another day!

San Francisco's Exploratorium Bubble Page - Lots of good bubble links here!

The Soap and Detergent Association Web Page - Very Kid Friendly; Experiments and Fun!

From surface tension, to freezing bubbles to further reading - this site is a great place to get an overview of what it means to be a soap bubble.

Soapless Bubbles on the International Space Station!

Surface Tension - The cohesive forces that binds the liquid universe together.

Anti-bubbles! - I just hope this isn't like kryptonite to a bubblemaniac!

Bubble-ology by Jacqueline Barber

Bubble Festival: Presenting Bubble Activities in a Learning Station Format

beeboo Big Bubble Mix - If you want BIG bubbles and don't mind spending more on a solution that is not made at home, I recommend beeboo big bubble mix and the bubble wands they sell for creating giant, strong bubbles outdoors with very little effort.

Stunning Photography by Myles Aronowitz including images of Casey's bubble art at Lush Photography

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